Moving forward with justice reinvestment in West Virginia

The communities we live in are more than the places we put down roots, start a new business and watch our children grow up. They are places we call home - and they should be a place we feel comfortable and safe.For many years, protecting the public meant locking up more people and keeping them away from society and behind bars. Incarceration and long sentences were considered the only effective response to high crime rates, with little consideration for what happens while the perso...

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Gregory’s Web

Although the 2014 election cycle is not complete (except, perhaps, in Mingo County, where the nuns have declared there are no Republicans running), plans are already being formed for 2015 and 2016.An intriguing 2015 candidacy being discussed would be that of Democrat Delegate Meshea L. Poore for mayor of Charleston. Poore, who represents Kanawha County’s District 37 including much of the downtown Charleston area, gave attorney Nick Casey a real run for his money in the recent...

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A coal miner’s apology to today’s America

A little more than a year ago I retired from a 35-plus year career in coal mining. I was forced to retire a little early when a work-related injury resulted in a several fractured and compressed vertebrae in my back. Being a coal miner is not easy work and I was and am proud to be among the many who have worked in our nation’s coal mines – among those who literally built this country by mining the coal that was used to fire our industrial economy for the past 150 years.

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EPA’s proposed existing power plant rule blatantly illegal

On June 2, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed one of the most onerous regulations in American history, which would mandate that states require existing coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 30 percent in just 15 years.This proposed rule would have devastating consequences on America’s economy, and the West Virginia economy in particular. The rule would force existing power plants to close, will cause coal miners to lose the...

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Gregory’s Web

Thank goodness for Target. And Qdoba, Starbucks and any other business that has the good sense to ask patrons to leave their guns outside.Before Target announced their no-gun policy, I was in a local buffet restaurant. It was appalling to watch some old fellow in blue jeans and parade back and forth to the bar with a gun holstered to his belt.If he was a member of law enforcement, there was no visible sign. If he was not, as I suspect, he and management are both insane. ...

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Exporting liquid natural gas will bolster West Virginia natural gas infrastructure and economic growth

Across the country, natural gas development is giving new life to economic recovery and revitalizing entire regions, and West Virginia is no exception. Our state is fortunate enough to be a part of the two of the richest resource basins in the world, and with an ample supply of natural gas reserves, the current international demand for U.S. natural gas presents an opportunity for West Virginia to obtain increased natural gas investment and stimulate our economy.

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Gregory’s Web

First of all, let me reiterate something I have said and written before: I think the vast majority of Mingo Countians are among the finest folks on earth. They are honest, sincere, dedicated and loyal. If you look in a dictionary for the definition of “southern hospitality,” a Mingo County picture has to be with the text.I adore the Mingo Democratic Women (I adore ALL women, but let’s forget that for a moment). I think they are fabulous and do a fantastic job. I l...

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Repeat offenders

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin says West Virginia is seeing a reduction in repeat offenders, and subsequent cost savings as a result of this welcomed news. And Tomblin says ongoing projects — like a new $1.2 million substance abuse center planned for Mercer County — will provide additional help in terms of reducing prison overcrowding and helping those who are struggling to break the chains of addiction.Just two years ago, prison overcrowding in West Virginia was a major problem...

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The Rahall Report

I have long labored to increase access to quality health care for citizens throughout southern West Virginia. Part of my work has entailed helping to secure Federal investments in community health centers.Supporting our local health clinics by providing the resources they need to treat their patients not only increases access to high quality medical care, it also creates jobs and helps to grow the economy of local communities.

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Will Social Security be there when you need it?

Social Security has serious problems, but it can still be saved, in its present form, if the correct actions are taken. The government must make provisions for repaying the $2.7 trillion debt that it owes to the trust fund. Since 2010, Social Security has been unable to pay full benefits without borrowing a substantial amount of money from China or one of our other creditors. It cannot continue to do that indefinitely.The Social Security trust fund is empty. The money that is alleg...

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Gregory’s Web

Well, “next week” has come and gone.Several of those who love to hate former Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury assured me and anyone who was within earshot that “you haven’t seen anything yet.” They said that on the day when Thornsbury, one of Team Mingo’s legal counsel, was sentenced to 50 months in prison during a hearing in Charleston federal court.

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