October 7, 2013

Dear Editor:

President Obama and Senator Harry Reid have been hard at work looking for candidates to run for U.S. Senate in West Virginia with every major candidate saying no.

After nine months of searching, and exhausting almost every resource, Sen. Reid announced that he has in fact found a candidate in West Virginia. And just last week it was announced that Harry Reid has chosen Natalie Tennant as his desired candidate to run.

But wait a second…in looking at Tennant’s recent trip to visit the EPA her take away comment from the meeting is that… “it is hardly surprising that people in West Virginia have assumed the worst about the EPA.”

Tennant believes West Virginians “assumed the worst” from a runaway bureaucracy that has imposed the largest job killing regulations in history and imposing Cap and Trade without Congressional approval? I’d like to see Tennant tell the laid off coal miners and their families that the effects of the EPA are assumed, and we should communicate better with Washington bureaucrats as they destroy our economy and we continue to lose jobs.

Tennant’s comments prove that she won’t ruffle Obama’s feathers by challenging his EPA while taking them on and stop them from enacting job killing regulation with an economic impact in the trillions without approval from a single lawmaker nor an approval from any West Virginian. No input…not even a head nod from a single coal miner or their families.

There will be a time where West Virginians can give input to the fight against Sen. Reid, President Obama and his EPA’s unconstitutional war on coal, and that will be when Natalie Tennant is on the ballot in 2014 and we can say no to Tennant and yes to Capito.

Donna Gosney

Madison, W.Va.