October 8, 2013

(Editor’s note: These are the codes for the magistrate court docket cases being published in The Coal Valley News. Please do not contact the courthouse if you do not know what the code means. You may contact the newspaper at 304-369-1165 or go to the Boone County Courthouse and request to look at the case. All cases are public record. The docket is subject to change. This information is only what was picked up at the courthouse on Friday. The codes are also listed online at in the legals section of the Web site. Click on “legals” at the top of the Web page.)



BCS- Burning Closed Season

BV-Boat Violation

CDL- CDL Violation

CM- Crossing Median

CS-Posession Cont/Sub.

CSL-Possession Cont/Sub. Less Than 15 Grams

DA-Domestic Assault

DB-Domestic Battery

DC- Disorderly Conduct

DE- Defective Equipment

DOP – Destruction of Property

DR- Drag Racing

DTAG- No Dog Registration

DTAX-Failure to pay dog tax

DUI-Driving Under the Influence

DUI2-Driving Under the Influence-2nd Offense

DUI3- Driving Under the Influence-3rd Offense

DUID-Driving Under the Influence with Death

DUIW-Driving Under the Influence with Injury

DWOT-Dog Warden-other

FDC-Failure to Drive with Due Care

FID-Fake I.D.

FISH-Fishing Violation

FMC-Failure to Maintain Control

FOTD- Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device

FSY- Failure to Stop and Yield

FTS-Field Tax Stamp Violation

FV-Fire Arm Violation

GL-Grand Larceny

GV-Game Violation

HIT-Hit and Run

ILC-Improper Lane Change+

IP-Improper Passing

IT-Improper Turning


LC-Left of Center


MVI-Motor Vehicle Inspection

NCR-No Child Restraint

NFC-No Flag Car

NPOI-No Proof of insurance

NRV-N Rabies Vaccine

OAC-Open Alcohol Container


OO-Over Weight, Over Width, Over Length

OPD-Open Dump



OWS-One Way Street

PFE-Permitting Fire to Escape

PI-Public Intoxication

PL-Petit Larceny

PSC-P.S.C. Stamp Violation

PV- Parking Violation

RD-Reckless Driving

REF-Refusal to Weight

REG-Registration Violation

SB-Seat belt Violation

SBM-Sell Beer/Alcohol to Minor

SBMN-Sell Non-Intoxicating Beer to Minor

SL-Shop Lifting

SL2-ShopLifting 2

SL3-Shoplifting 3


SP2-Speeding 2nd Offense

SP3- Speeding 3rd offense

SPCZ-Speeding Construction Zone

SPV-State Park Violation

SRD-Driving Susp/Revoked for DUI

SRD2-Driving Susp/ Revoked for DUI 2nd Offense

SRD3-Driving Susp/Revoked for DUI 3rd Offense

SRO-Driving Susp/Revoked non DUI

SRO2-Driving Susp/Revoked non DUI 2nd Offense

SRO3-Driving Susp/ Revoked non DUI 3rd Offense

SUV-Strike Unattended Vehicle

TCD-traffic Control Device Run Red Light/SIG

TFR-Too Fast for Road Conditions

TOBS-Tobacco Sale of Gift

TOBU-Tobacco Use of Possession


UC-Underage Consumption

USY-Unlicensed Salvage Yard

WC-Worthless Check

WO-Wrongful Occupation