Boone 4-H Club wants help with history

This is a photo of a current 4-H club sponsored at Brookview Elementary, excited about learning about West Virginia’s 4-H 100 Years of Camping. Please help teach this generation about Boone County’s proud 4-H history.

West Virginia 4-H is celebrating 100 years of camping.

In 1915, J. Versus Shipman, Extension Agent in Randolph County, West Virginia, wanted tof ind a way to bring his county 4-Hers together for programming and as a reward for their 4-H project work. He organized a camp at the Jackson Crouch farm, July 29-31, 1915.

4-Hers named this Camp Good Luck, thus was born the world’s first 4-H camp.

Boone County 4-H is also celebrating West Virginia 100 camping this summer, but it needs your help.

The Boone County Leader’s Association is compiling its 4-H history, old 4-H camps and 4-H clubs and event photos, project books, ribbons or your memories of 4-H in Boone County.

Please, if you know a former Boone County 4-Her or club leader that would share some history with us, let us know.

Karen Javins and Janie Fowler will be working on this project Boone County 4-H thru the Generations. Please contact them or emial the, Karen at 304-369-5710 or Janie at 304-369-9286 or

You may also drop old photos or items at the Boone County Extension Office, which is located at the old Foster Grade School at 304-369-5869. We will make sure they are returned to you.

Please help presere our 4-H History in Boone County. We are working on this display for Boone County 4-H camp this summer, July 19-24, and a public display for this fall.

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