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By Heather Kinder - [email protected]

When going through stuff to get rid of it whether it be the donation pile, the keep pile or the trash pile how do you decide?

Do you determine which pile to put things in based on whether you have used the particular item recently?

Do you decide based on your sentimental attachment to a particular item?

I don’t think there is some big secret mathematical formal we don’t know about. You know x – y = keep or x + y = throw in the trash.

It is all up to the individual.

I for one for some reason struggle whether to get rid of things I own from time to time.

When it comes to clothes I tell myself “I may be able to wear that later.” Nope that is not going to happen so in the donation pile it goes.

However, when I find a sweatshirt I like I wear it to death so these articles of clothing end up in the grease rag pile in my husband’s garage.

My rule with clothing is if I have not worn that sweater in six months I most likely will never wear it again.

When it comes to items I have a sentimental attachment to is what gives me issues of getting rid of the item.

It may have belonged to a family member and I have a fond memory of said item from my childhood. But doe s this mean I have to keep the item?

It may sound a little cruel, but why put things away in the closet you know you will never use?

If my husband and I have children I am pretty sure they are not going to want an item for their home that will most likely be older than the age of them and their spouse combined.

If you noticed there was no yard sale pile. I have come to realize yard sales are a pain in the rear. You get up at the crack of dawn, load tables up of all of the items you thought were prized possessions only to clean it all up six hours later and realize you made $1.

Is that $1 really worth all of that?

And then what do you do with all the stuff left over? Remember you only sold a movie that was five years old. It’s not like you made any real room or money.

Do you take it all back up in the attic of the garage? Probably not a good idea since your husband just organized the garage while he thought you were getting rid of all those boxes of stuff.

And stuff, I have a hard time telling people what I want for my birthday or for Christmas. I am just not a stuff kind of person.

Give me a good book, a good cup of coffee and time well spent with the ones I love and I am a happy girl.

By Heather Kinder

[email protected]

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-307-3104, [email protected] or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder.

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-307-3104, [email protected] or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder.

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