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Dawn Reed

Spring is here! Somebody say, “Praise the Lord!” We are warming our bones in the rising temperatures and loving every minute of it.

We had winter for a couple of days last week and acted like we lived in the Arctic. Shivering and shaking to our vehicles that needed to be thawed out before work and school. Shiver, shiver! I heard over and over again, “I hate winter!” and “I’ll be glad when warm weather comes!” I couldn’t help getting tickled. It wasn’t like we had been snowed in since fall. It seemed like our “winter” had come in 15 minute increments.

Each time the temp dipped to freezing I was thankful for my mountains that block the wind. Mountain-less places freeze me to death! A few years ago during a cold winter, I went to visit one of our church’s college students on campus at UK. I nearly died as I walked the long way to her dorm fearing I would freeze solid in mid-step. I wondered how long it would take them to find my body. Winter’s not my favorite, that’s for sure.

During one of our cold snaps, I heard a remarkable story. It was told to me second hand so I hope I have the facts right. See if you can picture it…

Mike owns cattle in another county. Each morning before work, he makes his rounds on the farm to make sure everything is in order and every animal is OK. On his way one morning, he came across a calf that was lying on the ground. He stopped his truck and got out to take a look. Sure enough, it was frozen solid. The sight tugged at his heart. He was sad it was gone.

Mike called his wife to tell her what had happened. He petted the calf’s face as he talked. When he moved his hand by the mouth, it felt warm.

“What are you going to do?” Mike’s wife asked. “I’m going to put it in the truck…” he answered. Now, when I heard that part of the story, I thought he was going to take it home and butcher it. (My family loves beef.) So, I was thinking that he was going to put the calf in the BACK of the truck.

That is exactly NOT what he did. He put it in the FRONT of his truck…in the CAB!

The end of his sentence was, “…and I’m going to try to thaw it out.” Wow! Not what I was thinking at all! Suddenly, I heard cowboy music playing in my head.

Mike did just what he said. He thawed that little calf right out in the cab of his truck! It took a while, but it worked! Not only did the calf live-it thrived! It’s the toughest of all his calves!

This story makes me think of our Heavenly Father and Psalm 23. In that famous Scripture, it tells us that if we let the LORD be our shepherd, He will take care of our needs. All of our needs. In this case, it would read “The LORD is my…farmer or cattleman…” Like Mike, He sees us. When we are upright or are down and out like the frozen calf. He picks us up when we can’t get up on our own. He carries us to a safe place and breathes life back into us-giving us a new start. We won’t only live…we, too, will thrive!

Psalm 142:3 reminds us…” When my spirit grows faint within me, it is You who watch over my way…”

If we let God/The LORD be our shepherd, farmer or cattleman, He will take good care of us. The wrong shepherd or farmer will bring us harm and lead to destruction.

That lucky calf! It’s so good that Mike was his farmer. If his farmer would’ve been me, he’d have been a goner!

Dawn Reed
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Family Life
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