Sen. Manchin sends flag from D.C. to Brookview Elementary

Sen. Joe Manchin’s representative, Michael Browning, left, stands with Brookview Elementary students as the American flag is raised in front of the entrance to the school.

FOSTER — When Brookview Elementary Counselor Gena Godby said her school needed an American flag, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin sent one from Washington, D.C., that had been flown over the nation’s Capitol.

In honor of Flag Day, Senator Manchin provided a United States flag to the Boone County School. Michael Browning, Manchin’s regional coordinator and a Boone County resident, brought the flag down to Brookview on Tuesday morning and presented it to the school in the gymnasium filled with students, faculty and staff.

Manchin’s staff sent Mrs. Godby’s request to the senator in Washington, D.C., and he sent down the flag with a certificate and a letter that was read during the presentation.

“Like all West Virginians, I feel a special surge of emotion every time I see the American flag,” Manchin wrote to the students. “Old Glory, is, after all, the most enduring symbol of our country, representing the unity of our people and the cause of liberty and justice for all.”

In his letter to the school, the U.S. senator recalled a poem his uncle, longtime West Virginia Secretary of State A. James Manchin, used to recite: “It’s only some stripes of red and white. “It’s only some stars on a field of blue. “It’s only a little cotton flag. “Does it mean anything to you? “Oh yes it does,” For beneath its folds, “Our people are safe at land and sea. “It stands for a land where God is still king,” And His truth and His freedoms are free. “So let us love it well” and keep it pure as our banner of liberty.”

Brookview’s Flag Team took the flag and immediately ran it up the pole outside the school in a solemn ceremony.

The school recently had a flag disposal ceremony that included local veterans, who showed the students how to properly dispose of a United States Flag.

Many of those veterans were in attendance at Tuesday’s event.

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