Thousands without power in Boone Co. last week

WCHS TV Photo AEP crews were busy last week working on lines as thousands were without power in Boone County.

By Jarrod Clay and Jeff Morris


CHARLESTON (WCHS/WVAH) — Power has been restored to several thousand customers in Boone County, but more than 1,000 customers remained without service Friday morning. Power was finally restored around 12 noon on Friday, April 8.

On Thursday, 5,400 customers in Boone County had been without service after a transmission line caught fire Wednesday night.

Appalachian Power Co.’s website at about 9:10 a.m. Friday listed all but 1,116 of those customers had their service returned. It was estimated those remaining customers without service would have their power back on about noon Friday.

At 11:10 p.m. Thursday, April 7, Appalachian Power reported 4,240 customers were still without power in Boone County.

5,400 Boone County customers were without power Thursday. A transmission line caught fire Wednesday night causing the power outages.

Crews have been out working to get service restored. There are warming shelters open for the customers still in the dark.

Appalachian Power estimated that 4,000 customers in the Madison and Danville area would have power at 10:30 p.m. Another 1,200 customers in the outskirts of the county will not get their power back until noon Friday.

The Red Cross has warming shelters open at the Community Center on Lick Creek Road and at the Wharton-Barrett Community Center.

Appalachian Power Co. said it hopes to have service restored by 10:30 p.m. Thursday to 4,000 customers who lost service in Boone County after a forest fire, but another 1,200 customers could be out for a longer period.

About 5,200 customers in Boone County lost electric service Wednesday night after a forest fire burned down a large, three-pole wood transmission line structure that serves the area, according to a news release from the power company.

The structure that needs replaced is in a difficult location between the power company’s Van and Bim substations, and getting material and equipment to the site will require building as much as a mile-long access road. It will be Friday afternoon before crews can get the new structure in place and the line back in operation.

Meanwhile, the power company said it is working to get customers back in service through alternate lines. Workers are reconfiguring equipment in the Hopkins substation that should get about 4,000 customers in and around the Madison area back in service by 10:30 p.m., the power company said.

The power company said it is pursuing options for getting service back to the remaining 1,200 customers, but it is possible these customers could be out until the structure is replaced. These are customers served by the power company’s Van substation, and are in the Van, Gordon, Williams Mountain, Twilight and Bob White areas.

The Red Cross is opening warming shelters Thursday night at Wharton Community Center and the Madison Community Center for people without power.

Thousands of people are without power in Boone County.

According to Appalachian Power’s website, more than 5,200 Appalachian Power customers are without service as of about 8 a.m. Thursday.

Appalachian Power spokesman Phil Moye said two large transmission poles burnt down and that there are several downed lines throughout the county. He said wildfires may have been the cause of the transmission pole fires.

The power company said it has several crews out and about working to get service restored. Moye said repairing the poles and lines and restoring power could be a lengthy process.

There also are about 600 customers in Kanawha County and 250 in Raleigh County without power.

Boone County Schools canceled classes for the day in the Van and Scott areas due to the outages.

(This story was provided by Civitas Media News partner WCHS-WVAH Fox 11 News in Charleston, W.Va.)

WCHS TV Photo AEP crews were busy last week working on lines as thousands were without power in Boone County. TV Photo AEP crews were busy last week working on lines as thousands were without power in Boone County.


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