Sink or Swim ?

Bible Devotions

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski - Guest Columnist

A world-wide flood covers the earth almost annihilating the entire human race.

An ark rises to mountain heights containing one family and every species of animal. They are able to survive in this position for more than a year until the waters recede.

Then, the first rainbow appears in the sky as a symbol of promise for a new beginning for mankind. This story is shared as a children’s story in many different settings.

However, it carries a message beyond young toddlers and animal lovers. The Genesis account of Noah is one of the Lord’s first messages to the world.

It contains the message of salvation and the importance of obedience to God’s word. During the time of Noah, his generation was exceedingly wicked.

Murder, rape, and other types of violence were common place. Corruption was at such a high level that God regretted creating man.

In spite of this, the Lord gave them plenty of opportunity to repent and change their ways. His love and mercy was so rich, he waited patiently 120 years.

However, people continued to disgrace their Creator as their actions became more abominable. Even today, God is grieved with sin and will judge all people.

He gives us time to turn from sin and trust him, although he will not wait forever. He gave his son Jesus to die on the cross so we can be saved by faith in him.

Noah was a man of amazing faith and obedience to God as seen in Genesis 6:22: “Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.”

He never seen a flood or a boat and had no idea of the enormity of the impending catastrophe.

God’s instructions to build an enormous ark must have seemed strange.

In spite of this, Noah complied with his commands and was saved, preserving the human race.

We learn that faith and obedience are intertwined and is of vital importance in serving the Lord.

Every one of his words and commands carry colossal significance and foresight.

Therefore we must obey so we can receive his blessings.

Rejecting his commandments will always lead to disaster.

How would your life change today if you decided to fully obey God?

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at [email protected])
Bible Devotions

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Guest Columnist


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