Vandals drain Racine pool

Vandals drained the entire 250,000 gallon pool in Racine.

RACINE — Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water is down the drain and drying up more than just fun for people in Boone County.

Boone County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating after they say vandals drained the pool late Monday night. A crime that, in the end, is affecting taxpayers across the county.

Summer officially starts on Sunday, but if you planned on cooling off at the Racine Pool, think again. Vandals drained the entire 250,000 gallon pool and it’s a prank that doesn’t have anyone in the community laughing.

“When we heard about this, yes it did, it just kind of took the wind right out of all of us,” says Rick Kirk. Kirk serves on the board for the Boone County Parks and Recreation. He’s hoping someone steps up the plate and turns the vandals in very soon.

“Don’t be afraid to report these people,” he urges.

Deputies are taking it very seriously, too. They say felony charges could be on the table. Right now, they don’t have a lot to work with but believe the culprits could be at least two juveniles.

A car was captured on surveillance video coming in around 10:45 Monday night. They left after about 40 minutes, not only draining the pool, but throwing all of the furniture in it as well.

Deputies say whomever did it knew what they were doing and where to find a large valve. They also brought a unique took to carry out the job.

“You’re not going to go down to the hardware store and buy one,” explains Lt. Eddie Arthur.

It will cost about $3,000 to refill the pool. Boone County taxpayers will foot the bill.

“It’s the same thing you learn when you’re a kid, you’re actions have consequences. These actions have caused an unexpected $3,000 to be spent of the taxpayers money,” says Arthur.

Park officials say they can’t just refill the pool all at once because it will affect water pressure for the entire community.

Thieves also recently broke into a satellite office for the sheriff’s department that’s being built nearby prompting board members to consider around the clock security. As for now, summer is on standby in Racine.

“People in the county shouldn’t have to suffer over a few people’s negligence,” Kirk says.

There’s no exact date on when the pool will reopen. They were originally set to open on June 20th.

If you have any information, call the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

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