Curriculum change at Madison Middle

By Heather Kinder - [email protected]

MADISON, W.Va – A local middle school will be seeing changes in their classes for their second grading period starting October 19.

A parent from Madison Middle School voiced her concerns with the students not having enough core subject instructional time and too much time on non-essential electives at a recent board meeting.

The board and administration listened and are going to make the necessary changes.

Boone County Superintendent Jeff Huffman said, “The students had a lot of input into the elective offerings the school would make available and once those elective offerings were selected the students had the opportunity select what electives they wanted to take.”

According to Huffman, the schedules were established prior to the new school year therefore the budget crisis was not a determining factor in the elective courses.

Huffman said, “All of our schools have elective course offerings.”

According to Huffman, the elective course offerings on the scale being seen at Madison Middle were unique to that specific school.

Huffman said, “Our goal is to provide every opportunity to address every student’s academic needs and increase the amount of instructional time in the core areas to improve student learning throughout the year.”

The additional core classes will fit into the eight period instructional day they currently have.

Huffman said, “We are able to offer more courses throughout the year with an eight period day.”

“With eight periods each teacher has the opportunity to teach seven instructional periods within the eight period instructional day opposed to six in a true four by four block,” said Huffman.

Madison Middle School will still be offering the yearbook elective for their students to take as well as other electives for students to enjoy.

Many electives will be replaced with more core type classes.

According to Huffman, the skill areas that will be focused on will be math, writing, science, research and comprehension.

Madison Middle School administration and the Boone County Board of Education have worked together on making these changes to the student curriculum, stated Huffman.

According to Huffman, the second grading period is the day after Boone County School’s continuing education day.

Huffman said, “A few days prior to the continuing education day the students will actually walk through new schedules to make sure everything works as planned. If there needs to be any adjustments made they can be finalized on the continuing education day.”

By Heather Kinder

[email protected]

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-369-1165 ext. 1661 or [email protected]

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-369-1165 ext. 1661 or [email protected]

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