Former Madison assistant fire chief sentenced to jail

Larry Nunnery (blue shirt, second from right to left) stands in court during his trial. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail.

MADISON — A former assistant fire chief of the Madison Volunteer Fire Department admitted to some misuse of a department issued credit card in March and was sentenced to 12 months in jail last week.

Boone County Circuit Judge William Thompson suspended the jail sentence and placed Nunnery on 24 months’ probation. Thompson also fined Nunnery $2,500, plus court costs.

In March, a jury found Nunnery guilty of misdemeanor embezzlement.

Nunnery, of Madison, was initially charged with allegedly embezzling $2,397.28 from Boone County’s fire service fee while acting as assistant chief of the Madison Fire Department and in the position of treasurer, according to police reports filed in the case.

During the trial Nunnery admitted to inappropriately using the department issued card for just over $500 worth of unauthorized purchases, but said the use of the card to purchase a $1,000 riding lawnmower was an accident.

Nunnery also testified that he had paid restitution to the fire deparment, returned all issued items and even resigned his position.

Nunnery had never been convicted of a crime in his life and said during the trial that he knows he used poor judgment, but he did not do all the things the state charged him with in the felony indictment.

Nunnery was represented in the matter by Madison attorney Matt Hatfield.

In other Boone County court news:

• A Gordon man admittted to breaking into a Van home.

William Thomas Sutphin, 24, pleaded guilty to the felony offense of Burglary in Boone County Circuit Court last week.

In December 2014, a Van residence was broken into and various items stolen from inside. The burglary remained unsolved until Sheriff’s deputies met with Sutphin in January.

Sutphin admitted to deputies that he and another man broke into the home and stole firearms and electronics.

In Circuit Court last week Sutphin pleaded guilty to the crime of Burglary. Following his guilty plea, Judge William Thompson deferred sentencing until a later date to allow Sutphin to apply for drug court.

When sentenced, Sutphin faces up to 15 years in prison.

Deputy J. P. Dent conducted the investigation into the case. Jennifer L. Anderson handled the prosecution.

• A Danville man is headed to prison.

John David Browning, 35, received a 2 to 10 year prison sentence last week in Boone County Circuit Court.

He pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine laboratory and possession of precursors used to make methamphetamine last year.

In 2013, Sheriff’s deputies found Browning in possession of a methamphetamine lab as well as cold packs, drain cleaner, Coleman fuel, pseudoephedrine, syringes and light bulbs all of which are commonly used in the manufacture and abuse of methamphetamine.

A Boone County Grand Jury indicted Browning in April 2014, and he ultimately pleaded guilty last summer.

Following his guilty plea, Browning was given an alternative sentence.

Browning recently violated the terms of his alternative sentence, and he admitted to the violation in Boone County Circuit Court.

Following his admission, Browning was sentenced to prison for 2-10 years.

• An Ashford man was sentenced to prison after violating probation.

Perry Changes, 26, admitted he violated the terms and conditions of his probation in Boone County Circuit Court last week.

In 2013, State Police investigated a burglary complaint in the Drawdy area of Boone County. Several firearms and pieces of jewelry were stolen from the home. The investigation ultimately led to the arrest and indictment of Changes. Changes pleaded guilty to Burglary in 2014, and he was placed on a period of probation. Changes was arrested in May for violating his probation.

Following his admission in Boone County Circuit Court, Changes was sentenced to prison for up to 10 years.

• A Sylvester man will spend up to 15 years in prison following his sentence in Boone County Circuit Court.

Jesse Cole Runion, 19, received a prison sentence of 1-10 years for Grand Larceny and 1-5 years for Conspiracy. Runion pleaded guilty to both charges last December.

The criminal charges stemmed from a series of thefts from local mining companies last year.

Corporal E. C. Eversole conducted the investigation. Jennifer L. Anderson handled the prosecution.

• A woman from Boone County is behind bars after being accused of attempting to make meth around her children.

According to a criminal complaint, police went to serve an arrest warrant to the home of Amber Holstein Saturday evening, June 20, on Easter Hollow Road in Ridgeview. When police arrived, they say they found an inactive meth lab inside of the home.

The complaint also says that three children were also living in the home. The children are now with Child Protective Services.

Holstein is charged with operating or attempting to operate a clandestine drug lab, possession of meth making supplies, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, conspiracy and exposure of meth making materials to a child.

Holstein is currently being held in Southwestern Regional Jail without bond.

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