Toddler found wandering in street

By Heather Kinder -

MADISON, W.Va — A man driving south along Route 85 on his way home around 3 a.m. Wenesday, December 7 reportedly almost hit a toddler in the road wearing only a diaper.

Later that day, the child’s parents, Stephen Brian Ball, 36 and Norrieca Anne Bryant, 25 both from Madison, W.Va were arrested.

According to the criminal complaints filed for Ball and Bryant, they were arrested on felony child abuse charges.

Ball and Bryant’s young child reportedly left the house in the middle of the night while they were both asleep.

The criminal complaints state neither parent knew the child was missing.

The complaint notes the, “…mother stated she had locked the door and didn’t know how she had gotten out.”

Chief Chet Burgess from the Madison Police Department said, “The child was found two and a half blocks from her home.”

The home was reportedly in a deplorable state.

The criminal complaints describe the home as being, “…filthy and covered in clothes. There were cockroaches everywhere and gnats and spoiled, rotten food were found all over the kitchen area.”

When Madison Police Department spoke with Ball and Bryant, Ball reportedly admitted he had smoked marijuana earlier in the night and Bryant admitted she had taken Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer.

The criminal complaints stated both parents would submit to a voluntary blood test to determine if either of them had narcotics in their system.

According to the criminal complaints the child was taken to Boone Memorial Hospital to be examined. The ER doctor reported that the child had a lung infection and possibly a severe ear infection, which both had not been treated.

Child Protective Services (CPS) was reportedly called to the home to help with the investigation.

Because of the felony charges against the parents as well as the reported condition of the home, CPS took custody of another small child that was in the home.

Both individuals are being held at South Regional Jail on a bond of $50,000.

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Criminal complaints are public information, and any charges contained therein are merely accusations. Anyone accused of a crime should be considered innocent until they are proven guilty.

By Heather Kinder

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-369-1165 ext. 1661, or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-369-1165 ext. 1661, or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder

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