Local HAM Club to participate in International Field Day events

John Holstein, I.T. Manager, HAM Extra WV0CQ & ARRL VE, as well as President, Boone County Firefighter’s Mutual Aid Assn. and 1st V.P. West Virginia State Firemen’s Assn, set up at last year’s field day.

The Coal Country Amateur Radio Club is happy to announce it’s participation in the annual “Amateur Radio Field Day” on June 27th and 28th 2015.

The Coal Country Amateur Radio Club is comprised of HAM operators from Boone, Logan and Lincoln Counties.

Anchored in Madison, West Virginia, the club members come from every corner of our beloved “Coal Country”. Amateur radio has a rich history in Boone and surrounding counties, many of our coal miners and their families have been and are currently Amateur Radio Operators.

The International “Field Day” combines many aspects of HAM radio into an exciting event where operators from around the world make contact, extend good will and pass along simulated emergency radio communications.

Field Day continues for 27 hours between 2pm Saturday, June 27 2015 through 5 p.m., Sunday June 28 2015.

Club operators will be on-site for the entire 27 hours of the event.

The local club will be set-up in the field adjacent to the Department of Highways Boone County Headquarters on Rock Creek (Route 119) in Danville, where they will be putting their skills to use in communicating with other HAMs around the world. A wide variety of local elected officials have been invited to participate as well.

Stop by the station and see what Amateur Radio is doing and how you can get involved. Whether you’re just interested in listening or if you’re interested in becoming a HAM operator, stop by and see the good folks of the Coal Country Amateur Radio Club.

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