BCS to receive grant funds in 2018

By Heather Kinder - [email protected]

FOSTER – The Boone County Board of Education (BOE) met Monday, March 6 at the Operation Complex Conference Room for a regular session meeting.

All BOE members were present for the meeting. Superintendent Jeff Huffman and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lisa Beck were both present for Monday’s meeting. Also in attendance for the meeting was Penny Green, executive secretary.

There were no recognitions, presentations or delegations.

BOE president Joe S. Tagliente, Jr. read over the consent agenda. There were nine items on the consent agenda to be approved by the board.

A motion was made by Charles J. Gibson, vice president of BOE, to approve the consent agenda. Board member Susan L. Kimbler seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of the motion and approved the consent agenda unanimously.

The next order of business was to look over an action item recommended by Superintendent Huffman.

According to the BOE meeting agenda, “It is the superintendent’s recommendation that the board terminate the contract of a secondary teacher at Scott High School.”

The termination was recommended due to certification not being renewed. The termination was also to be effective immediately. All board members were in favor of the recommendation.

There was not a motion to go into executive session therefore the meeting moved on to the superintendent reports and advisements.

Superintendent Huffman discussed Boone County Schools (BCS) enrollment as of March 1. At this time BCS has lost 84 students since the certified enrollment numbers from October 2016.

Huffman also discussed local tax collections. In February 2016 BCS received $2,350,700.41 whereas in February 2017 BCS tax collection was $3,073,959.21.

According to Huffman June 2017 will only bring $200, 000 in state funding because there was an advance taken in July 2016 to pay bills that were carried forward.

Huffman announced for the 2018 school year BCS would be receiving grant funds.

“It is called Rural and Low Income,” said Huffman. “It is based on census data.”

“We don’t yet know what that allocation of money will be,” said Huffman.

“Part of the determination for which counties would receive that money is that 20 percent or more of the students in the county would be coming to us from households that are living below the federal poverty rate,” said Huffman.

According to Huffman 24.11 percent of the students in the county are at this level.

Dr. Beck discussed with the board she was drafting the 2017 – 2018 school calendar. The BOE will vote on the calendar at the April 18 board meeting after the public has weighed in on the calendar at the March 20 and 27 BOE meetings.

At this time all business was completed at the BOE meeting.

March BOE meetings are scheduled for the following dates…

Monday, March 20 at 6 p.m. in the Cafeteria at Van Junior-Senior High School, Van, W.Va.

Monday, March 27 at 6 p.m. in the Media Center at Scott High School, Madison, W.Va.

By Heather Kinder

[email protected]

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-307-3104, [email protected] or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder.

Heather Kinder is a reporter for the Coal Valley News. She can be contacted at 304-307-3104, [email protected] or on Twitter @CVN_hkinder.

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