Boone delegate plans to introduce legislation to reduce government’s role in marriage

Del. Joshua Nelson (R-Boone) plans to introduce legislation next year that will reduce the role government has on the institution of marriage.

“Under the proposed legislation, if you wish to get married you may designate the worship center or facility of your choice and have the marriage performed by an officiant of the faith or organization that you choose. Once the ceremony is performed, the couple will take the certificate of marriage to the courthouse to have it recorded for business and financial purposes.”

Current law requires a certificate of marriage prior to a ceremony, and under the proposed legislation, this would no longer be required.

“This proposal gets government completely out of the institution of marriage and will allow greater freedom to those who perform marriages and those who wish to participate in the institution of marriage. The bill will protect all ministers or marriage officiants to carry out their faith or ceremony as they see fit. It will protect their right to do so fully, as well as any facility, business, or church.”

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