Hill to run for county tax assessor

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Dr. Chase Hill and his family. Hill has filed to run for Boone County tax assessor.

MADISON — Boone County conservative and local Chiropractor Dr. Chase Hill has filed to run for county tax assessor on the Republican ticket, according to county courthouse records.

Hill and his family reside at Lick Creek in Danville. His father is a local retired coal miner and his brother is a partner in business with Chase at Hill Chiropractic.

A graduate of Marshall University and a doctorate degree recipient from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Hill has lived in the local area most of his life. The young aggressive entrepreneur also owns a local gym and is often credited with “jump starting” the boxing industry in Southern West Virginia by forming Black Eye Promotions which has helped influence thousands of dollars of new revenue coming into the area.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin recently appointed Hill to the West Virginia Athletic Commission where he now serves as Chair. In the evenings, Hill is a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

Recently, Hill stated, “I have a plan and it starts with destroying the “good ole boy system” of local officials in our courthouse who continue to pad their own pockets and do nothing to save our county. In the last 100 years, the courthouse has done nothing to prepare for life after coal. Boone County, for many decades with coal severance funds, was one of the richest counties in the state. Where did the money go? It obviously didn’t go to a modern infrastructure and diverse economy. It definitely didn’t go to the education system to boost our test scores and send more kids to college while taking care of our teachers. My guess would be the officials’ bank accounts. The local plan, if there is one, has no vision. Last year, the great economic development of Boone County accumulated to a $150,000 horse barn which is used 1-3 times per- year. One hundred and fifty thousand of your tax dollars, spent on a horse barn. That wasn’t innovative in 1965, let alone in today’s modern technological era. Many people have already moved out of Boone County to seek employment elsewhere. I don’t want to do that. If we don’t make changes immediately, there will be no choice. I believe we can save Boone County and move forward.”

When asked about property taxes Hill stated, “Did you know, even though the war on coal has cost Boone County about half the number of jobs in the last 5 years, our county government has raised your property tax each year? How is property value in Boone County going up during the period of time in which we have lost more jobs here than ever before? The reason is because the politicians keep the same budget and the same salary and there are less of us here now to pay them. This has to stop immediately. If you don’t believe the “good ole boy system” is alive and well in Boone County, look at the public records of what the “good ole boys” are actually paying on their property taxes compared to what the rest of us “commoners” are paying.

Boone County 23rd Delegate District state Delegate Joshua Nelson added, “I am extremely excited to see a strong businessman running for office with a clear vision, a plan of action, and transparency in government at the top of his agenda. It is time we have more bold conservative leaders in our county. We do not need the “good ole boy system” of the past where we just shuffle the same officials around. We need bold steps forward. I am excited for Chase and the County.”

Dr. Chase Hill and his family. Hill has filed to run for Boone County tax assessor.
http://coalvalleynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web1_index1.jpgDr. Chase Hill and his family. Hill has filed to run for Boone County tax assessor.

From staff report

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