Two killed in house fire

Staff Report

DANVILLE (WSAZ) — While the home along Turtle Creek Road south of Danville lies in despair, it’s neighbors are even more-so, mourning the loss of two people who passed away inside.

“I don’t know anybody that didn’t know ‘em,” said David Thompson. “They were pretty nice people.”

Thompson awoke early Saturday morning to a transformer blowing, and then noticed the flames.

“When I first looked out here, it was not even as high as the grass where the vines are,” said Thompson. “I could just see it glowing over there.”

Members of the Danville Fire Department, along with departments from Madison and Spruce River, arrived within 15 minutes, but the fire had spread too fast.

Justin Chafin, Danville’s Assistant Chief, says a door on one side of the house, and a window on the other, were open, pushing air into the house.

“Feeding the fire, and making it spread throughout the entire trailer in a matter of minutes,” said Chafin.

While the State Fire Marshal’s Office hasn’t yet confirmed the cause, or the names of the people inside, neighbors want people to know the middle-aged man and his older female friend were selfless.

“He helped everybody mow grass, work on their cars, help build buildings,” said Thompson. “I went over there one day and was talking to her. She was feeding, like, 14 head of people over there.”

The Danville Fire Department doesn’t believe there were any smoke detectors inside the home.

Staff Report

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