Teens teaching teens

L to R – Joshua Thrush, Noah White, Zachary Lester and Brittany Clay. Josh and Zach were 2 students that they were working with.

This classroom full of student are very engaged in the programs.

Carrie Meghan from Wise Up WV who was training Brittany and Noah as well as doing an activity with the students.

Teens teaching Teens, a peer education program designed to assess knowledge and provide education of teen pregnancy by advocacy education and activism.

Brittany Clay and Noah White, students in the Health Sciences & Technology Academy at Scott High School, initiated a partnership with the WV Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI).

This partnership developed and provided a three tiered program to bring educational interventions to students and communities to address the fifth highest teen pregnancy rate in a rural underserved county in the state of West Virginia, which also has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.

Brittany and Noah administered quizzes to determine gaps in knowledge and then designed educational interventions consisting of pamphlets, fact sheets, and PSAs using materials from the WV Dept. of Education, WISE, WV FREE │ West Virginia Focus: Reproductive Education & Equality, and WVDHHR Appalachian Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, APPI, to pre-approved and identified student groups.

Does a teen initiated peer education intervention and community forum increase knowledge of consequences of teen pregnancy and initiate dialog for comprehensive sexual education?

The HSTA Teen to Teen Project was initiated by Brittany and Noah with the goal of helping their peers and families understand the consequences of teen pregnancy and open a dialogue for addressing the 5th highest teen pregnancy rate in the state.

Comprehensive sexual education is often not addressed in health classes due to the discomfort of educators and fear of parental back lash. Student identified lack of knowledge and frustration with access to information led them to partner with the WV Dept. of Education, WV Free, and the DHHR Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI).

The students received training and used the state curriculum standards to develop a three tiered project that was delivered to high school students.

Tier 1: had students obtain school leadership support, assess the knowledge level of participants, identify gaps and prepare the educational interventions using peer presentations, pamphlets and multimedia events that addressed the lack of knowledge.

Tier 2 required students to implement the interventions which occurred over a three week period and then measure their effectiveness with a post assessment.

In Tier 3: the students are organizing and hosting a “Let’s Talk” community forums led by the APPI team for parents and interested adults.

The forums were designed to provide interactive learning stations and talking points on sexual education topics. Data and results from pre and post assessments and evaluations from the community forums will be presented and discussed.

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