I prefer the ‘old’ methods of contacting friends

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There are many who think social networking is a terrific thing. Don’t count me among them.

I would prefer the “old” methods of contacting friends and associates by telephone or maybe even Internet. Smoke signals could work, too.

But Facebook and such are all the rage and folks have a habit of, perhaps, putting more information out there than needs to be known. That reminds me of the Magistrate who notified one and all that she would be “vacationing at Myrtle Beach all next week.” When she returned home … you guessed it, her house had been robbed. So much for vital information being provided.

Everyone knows I am a Harts Creeker. Just as surely as if I had been born and raised there, I bleed red and blue. I idolize Harry Kirk. I loved the Harts Lions. Tessa Cook WAS the greatest girls basketball player the state ever produced. The prettiest women in Southern West Virginia (eclipsed only by Harrison County to the North) come from Harts Creek.

I have not one, but two, certificates making me an Honorary Harts Creek resident for life. I may not have been born there; I may never had actually lived there; but Harts is my “home.” Period. Stop. There’s no place else to go with it.

If Lincoln County can have the place nearest Hell on earth as its county seat, it makes up for it with the finest community in the nation at Harts. There. Have I said i t clearly enough? For about the 500th time?

Don’t tell me something bad about Harts Creek. And my old story is that if someone called me and said, “Harry Kirk just shot and killed a man,” I’d respond, “justifiable homicide” and hang up the phone.

So, you can question if I am really loyal to Guyan Valley, Marshall or Scott … never question my Harts credentials. They are above reproach.

Thus, it is difficult for me to be fair and objective in covering anything Harts Creek. Don’t ever say something bad about a Harts student or you’ll have me to deal with. Andi Williamson IS the greatest softball player ever to suit up in West Virginia. Her dad or her brother one are the best boys basketball players to ever take to the hardwood.

Thus, you will read nothing negative about Harts here. If that’s what you’re looking for … move on to county papers that ignore the Harts kids at Chapmanville. I never will.

But back to social networking. It grew aflutter and out of control the past Friday evening when at least one Harts Middle School official thought the Harts athletes had been overlooked at the Chapmanville Regional High School football game with Tolsia.

Again, there was a rush to judgment that perhaps should not have been made in such haste. Still, I respect the person who initially made the rush and I am not about to criticize her. She is an outstanding educator, a true friend of mine and I will say nothing negative about her.

This Harts official sat with two Harts Middle football players as the public address announcer at CRHS introduced members of the Chapmanville Middle School team as “the future of Chapmanville High School football.” Sadly, the two HMS athletes wondered aloud why they were not introduced as well. Good question.

One problem I have here is that I am also a big CRHS man. Nobody ever treated me better than the entire staff, coaches, fans, players and administration of CRHS while I covered them for The Lincoln Journal. They are tops in my book.

But there is a real problem with what the announcer said, regardless of any other complaints. There is NO Chapmanville High School. It was consolidated with Harts High to form CRHS. As much as some folks in Chapmanville would like to believe “their” school just got bigger and better, it did not. It CLOSED. It is NO MORE.

So, the athletes of Chapmanville Middle are NOT the future of Chapmanville High School unless there is a CHS somewhere in another state. It is an insult to the people of Harts to insist on calling it CHS when it is not. The “Regional” stands for Harts.

So, having said that, let me hasten to add that the very person who lit up Facebook Friday evening soon discovered that the Harts students HAD been invited to the ceremonies. Somehow, the word never got relayed to the students. The official was eating a large mess of crow late Friday night.

I doubt that she should have to.

* * * * * *

One question on everyone’s mind over the weekend was how the message failed to get relayed. It was said to have been taken by a substitute teacher with major ties to both Harts and Chapmanville. He allegedly passed it on to the Harts Middle coach, who told school administrators he told the players they were invited but that he could not make the game himself. Apparently, no players heard the message.

* * * * * *

I called CRHS Principal Kathy Moore on her cell phone at the game. She told me she had no idea the Harts kids were not invited. She said, “That will never happen again.” I believe she is sincere and I told one and all on Facebook that the Principal and Vice Principal Jill Barker would make sure it never happens again. But, truthfully, it turns out it never happened in the first place. The message never got to the athletes.

The folks at Chapmanville have treated the Harts children with dignity and respect. It is the “home” high school for Harts Middle as well as CMS. I see no indication anyone from Harts has ever been mistreated at CRHS. Some claim to have been, but they felt they were discriminated against at the old Harts High. As my dad used to say, “Some people would be unhappy if you hung them with a new rope.”

Social networking might be a great invention. A three-hour delay switch might have prevented some red faces and ill feelings Friday evening, though.

* * * * * *

Scott’s football season came to a crashing halt Friday at Scott Field. Losing to Tolsia put the engraving on the tombstone of the 2013 season. It is sad because this team is playoff material. Oh well, wait until next year. I don’t accept mediocrity from teams I cover, so it will time for a playoff run of great magnitude.

* * * * * *

Van, meantime, is still making noise. All of Boone County should get behind these Bulldogs as they close out a weary, much-traveled season.

* * * * * *

And … drum roll please … the Boone-Lincoln Midget Football League championships are this Saturday at Sherman Field. I might punish myself and attend. The first kick-off is at 5 p.m. These youngsters are the future of something, although I am never sure it is football. Can I say again that I am not a huge amateur sports fan? Professional coaches need to work with youngsters in developing skills; not fathers who want to see their Little Johnny star at quarterback.

* * * * * *

Back of the subject of Harts/Chapmanville, I truly believe CRHS Head Football Coach George Barker makes absolutely no difference in where his players come from. That may be a part of the problem since his sensitivity to the feelings of Harts Creekers is not exactly at a high level.

* * * * * *

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