State Department delusions

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Jan. 04—Among its self-congratulatory year-end assessments, the State Department raised more than a few eyebrows with its claim of “bringing peace, security to Syria.”

In short order a State flack quickly parsed the department’s self-promotion, explaining that the operative word is “bringing,” not “brought” — as in actually having brought something to fruition in Syria. Why, it’s not the State Department’s fault if people got “a mistaken impression” about “bringing peace.”

And without skipping a beat, State insisted that the Syrian situation is much improved over last year. Today, officials said, the international community is unified “around a common understanding of what a successful political process or transition could look like” in Syria.

This, when U.S. and Russian goals in Syria remain starkly divided, specifically on the future of despot Bashar al-Assad.

Of course, this is the same administration that said al-Qaida had been “decimated” before the Benghazi attacks and that ISIS had been “contained” just before the coordinated attacks in Paris.

Among other 2015 “accomplishments,” the State Department trumpeted America’s renewed ties with Cuba’s regime (which is more repressive than ever) and a nuclear agreement with Iran (which responded by launching two ballistic missiles).

Such cockeyed assessments on matters of such import rarely engender public confidence.


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