Russia & Hezbollah: A dirty nexus

The following editorial is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Jan. 16—Russia’s “assistance” in the Middle East is not limited to Syria’s war-torn despotic regime. It extends to supplying munitions to Lebanon’sHezbollah terrorists.

In a quid pro quo for intelligence and targeting information for Russia’s air strikes, Hezbollah gets ample access to Russian arms depots, The Washington Times reports. A Hezbollah commander tells The Daily Beast that Russians trust Hezbollah over the Syrian military to guard its arms.

The stash of Russian weaponry includes long-range tactical missiles, laser-guided rockets and anti-tank weapons, The Times reports. And Russia reportedly places no restrictions on how these weapons may be used.

Besides, “When it comes to Israel, Hezbollah doesn’t take direction from anyone,” the Hezbollah commander told The Daily Beast.

Neither is Russia concerned over how those sophisticated weapons will be used. “Moscow does not consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. This would be the same organization of thugs who in 1983 bombed the barracks of the U.S. Marines in Beirut, killing 241 service personnel.

Russia’s meddling in Syria now aids a sworn enemy of Israel. And Hezbollah will not hesitate to strike its enemy. Rather than restore any sense of order in the Middle East, Moscow pours gasoline on a fire by providing diabolical terrorists with the key to its armory.


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