Establishing new industry in the outdoors

I, along with delegates Rupie Phillips and Justin Marcum from southern West Virginia and others, have paved the way for Elk to freely roam Boone and the surrounding counties by passing legislation to form a partnership with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The foundation will be providing thousands of dollars to allow the animal to freely roam where it once did over a century ago. This has been wildly successful in Kentucky, Arkansas and similar states.

Eventually this will provide a unique hunting experience to the area once Elk are good and established.

There will be a 5,000 dollar penalty for poaching the animal and initially they will not be allowed to be hunted to grow the population.

In Kentucky, even in the setup phase of restoration it helped the economy. There, one can take guided tours to see the animal and hear their majestic bugle.

There was some concern over automobiles, but the facts and statistics state show a very minimal increase in traffic accidents if any.

The bill also legalized crossbows for archery season except for the lower four counties that do not currently have a rifle season. Crossbows will be legal in Boone County.

This is a fantastic law that will establish a new industry in outdoors and tourism for our area. I cannot wait to hear the animals while out hunting with my sons.

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