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Dawn Reed

By Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

Sometimes when it’s a really good movie, I watch all of the credits and listen to the music until it stops. I hate for it to be over!

That’s how I feel about Christmas. I just want it to last a little bit longer! I still have my tree and decorations up. All the nativities are out and I’m still watching the Hallmark Channel as much as possible. (In fact, I’m wearing Christmas earrings as I type.) I am still snacking on goodies brought to us by friends and neighbors.

I have a serious sweet tooth for things with cream cheese. Cheesecake, pumpkin rolls, Mexican Fruit cake, and Swedish Nut Cake…yummy! My beloved had to do an intervention this week because I was trying to eat Swedish Nut Cake out of the garbage. (He had to take it away from me after I made myself sick from eating too much!)

I’m still reading the Christmas story, too, trying to squeeze every last drop out of it before I move on to the new year. I want it to change me even though I’ve known it for decades and have been reading it for weeks. I hope it will stir my heart when I remember God’s great love and I need it to spur me into action as I read it one last time this year.

Almost everyone hustles and bustles at this time of the year, but there were lots of people in a hurry in the Christmas story, too.

Mary heard all that Gabriel had to say and when HE left, SHE left. Luke chapter one says she ‘hurried’ to the hill country to see Elizabeth.

An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream (book of Matthew). He went to Mary as soon as he woke up! No moss growing under his feet!

Angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds. Immediately after, they said, “Let’s go” and then hurried to Bethlehem to find the newborn King.

The wise men followed a star and then were warned in a dream to go another way home. No questions, no excuses, they obeyed right away.

Later, Joseph was also warned in a dream that his family was in danger. He got up, packed up and hurried to Egypt. Procrastination would have been dangerous!

As I get older, I don’t need to get more sedentary, resting on my comfy couch. I don’t need to put things off. I want to be a woman of action-ready to move when God leads! When I feel the LORD leading or speaking, I need to get my keister going. (Praise the Lord it won’t be on a CAMEL!) I don’t want to miss opportunities to be used by God!

I am eternally grateful to someone who did not put off obeying the Lord many years ago. I have no clue what led up to his visit, but it changed my life forever. In August of 1971, my family was moving to a new neighborhood. The night before we moved, I had a terrifying dream that I died. I kept falling and falling in darkness but didn’t know where I was going to end up.

When our station wagon pulled in to our new driveway, two young men walked into the yard. One was “Bro. Bob”, the new pastor at the church we would be attending. He wanted to talk to us about Jesus. (He didn’t even know about my dream!) My Mom invited the men inside. Right then, that day, my sister and I prayed and asked Jesus to come into our hearts to live forever! All because someone listened to God and obeyed Him in a timely manner! What if Bro. Bob had put it off, if he had waited?!

There’s something right now I feel God is leading me to do but I keep waiting just a tiny bit longer, dragging my feet. What am I afraid of? I ask myself. I know God won’t lead me and then leave me. If God can guide a young couple to a stable, shepherds to a manger and wise men by a star, then I think He is perfectly capable of guiding a 50-something woman in the mountains of eastern KY! I need to get up and get going!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths,” Proverbs 3:5-6.

Dawn Reed
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