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Dawn Reed

Something came out of my mouth last week I had never said before and it had the “s” word in it. I still can’t believe I said it and I’m embarrassed to tell you. I belted out: Go Steelers!

I’ve never been for the Steelers or rooted for them even one time in my life. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always cheered against them. I do have two positive thoughts about them though. Number one: when it’s cold and they have on their big black cape/jackets, I think they look like Batman. Secondly, I think “Big Ben’s” last name is cool and wonder how on earth he managed to learn how to spell “Roethlisberger” in kindergarten. That’s it, that’s all. Not a Steeler’s fan. But then…last weekend they were playing the Patriots.

I’m pretty patriotic, if you ask me. I love living in America, being an American and I love the American flag. I’m typically what you would call a “patriot”. But, not a Patriots fan. Not since 2013.

Normally I don’t hold a grudge. In fact, I would tell you that I’m really good at forgiving. It’s when someone does something to one of my kids that it’s hard for me to let go of hard feelings. I have children who are my own flesh and blood, but I also have some guys who are dear to my heart and feel like they are my own. There’s Keenan, Jimbo, Julio, Emmanuel, Kevin, Mitchell, and Tim plus a few more. Some of these guys I see often, some I don’t see as much, but I pray for them faithfully. I want good things for all of them.

The “Tim” I mentioned is Tim Tebow. I first met Tim Tebow when he was nominated for the Heisman in 2007. (OK, we’ve actually never met in person.) I don’t remember ever knowing about the prestigious award until then. My beloved schooled me as we watched that day. I’d never heard of Tim Tebow, but found out lots of good things about him. I was immediately a fan.

I’ve followed Tim Tebow ever since. (Not in the creepy, stalker-like “follow”, but in the news.) He is definitely talented in many ways, besides football. He has such a heart for people, but especially for God. In college, he often wore Bible verses on his eye black during football games prompting fans and foes to Google them. That’s totally him. He wants to be a role model for kids. (He didn’t tell me. Again, it was in the news.) Besides being used by God, his dream since he was a kid was to play football.

In 2010, he was a first round draft pick, chosen by the Denver Broncos. Woohoo! When he was a Bronco, I was, too. When he was traded to the Jets in 2012, suddenly I was a Jets fan. (My beloved bought me an incredible Tebow jersey when he was there. I still wear it on Super Bowl Sunday but put tape over the logo.) And then he went to New England.

I began to pray for the New England Patriots, Belichick-even Tom Brady. This move was all because Tom needed a positive person in his life, I thought. Tim was just the guy! This could turn the whole team’s lives around! I prayed! Never has a team been so prayed for! I was already thinking about my next jersey! Tim Tebow stands for good. He’s definitely a “David” in a Goliath world. I wanted him to show them-all the naysayers-all the critics-what he could do. Seriously, never has a target been so large on anyone’s back. Even middle-schoolers are quick to criticize.

In August of 2013, Tim Tebow was cut from the Patriots, which brings me back to supporting the Steelers for the first time ever in my life. I’m reading Tim’s book “Shaken” and know for a fact that he is allowing God to use that disappointment of not being good enough to make him stronger and trust in Him more, knowing that He has a bigger plan. I’m still working through it-still holding a grudge.

When I am disappointed and my dreams are not realized, I do trust that God has a bigger plan, so I have to trust that God has a bigger plan for my own kids and Tim Tebow. I’m just dragging my feet.

Last fall, he signed a minor-league contract to play baseball for the New York Mets. I’m in! I think Tim Tebow is a great guy! I support him and I don’t care if he plays baseball, rugby or hockey!

On Sunday night, the Patriots defeated the Steelers 36-17. I went to bed hoping that Big Ben and his buddies would pull off a spectacular win. It was not to be and I was disappointed. Oh, well.

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, you can bet I will be wearing my Tebow jersey from 2012 with the tape on it.

And now I’ll be cheering for the FALCONS!

Dawn Reed Reed
Family Life
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