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Dawn Reed

By Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

A few months ago, an older lady made her way to the classrooms in the back of the church to find me. I was surprised after children’s church to see her there. She is precious but has trouble walking long distances since her hip surgery a while back. It was a long walk! Her husband stood beside her, as always. “I have something for you,” she said. That’s when I noticed the bag she held in her hand.

I was curious!

“It’s lotion,” she told me as she unwrapped a small container. “Amazing Grace,” she said with emphasis. She wasn’t talking about the awesome amazing grace you get from Jesus; she was talking about Amazing Grace the perfume and lotion by Philosophy. “Oooooo,” I moaned as she handed it to me. “I love that!” And I did! To be honest Amazing Grace-the lotion-is pricey and I’ve never had my own. This was TREASURE I was holding in my hand!

This sweet lady had purchased a bottle on QVC. It was ginormous and way more than she could use. She thought I might like some. Woohoo and absolutely! The cutest thing was that it was in a denture cup.

A denture cup might seem weird to anyone else, but I’m a dental assistant and L-O-V-E teeth! It wouldn’t have been more precious if it had been in a golden vase!

For weeks, I have been honored to wear my Amazing Grace and have had so many compliments on how good I smell! (I hug a lot of people.) I tell them the name and that it was a gift. It’s been a sweet blessing each time I’ve smelled it, too.

The denture cup is on my bathroom counter and I smile each time I see it. Looking at the outside, you wouldn’t realize there’s something special in there-besides fake teeth. Yesterday, I had the strangest thought-a lesson really-about the denture cup holding the delicious smelling lotion. Sure, one lesson would be that amazing grace is a free gift just like my Amazing Grace lotion. But that’s not the one I’m talking about. This lesson is about the denture cup itself. So often, we still judge books by their covers, people by their looks and containers by what’s on the outside.

I’ll be the first to tell you that my personal container is not at all what I would choose it to be. I’d like my container to look like Cindy Crawford! No dimples in the hips or rolls anywhere-and I don’t mean the kind you eat with butter, though I’ve had my fair share. Yet, I hope others will look past my exterior to what lies beneath.

Believe it or not, there’s a Bible story that reminds me of my little denture cup. Centuries ago, the prophet Samuel obeyed God in seeking out the next king of Israel. At Jesse’s house, he immediately thought it was the first-born son. (He was probably the tallest.) Nope. It wasn’t him. The next son came by. (He might have been the strongest.) Not him, either. One by one, Jesse’s sons stood before the prophet. God told Samuel not to pay attention to their appearance. “The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart,” 1 Samuel 15:7. Thank goodness and praise the Lord! Finally, the youngest son, David-just a shepherd boy they hadn’t even thought to bring in-was the one chosen.

Do you look at the color of hair-gray, blue, purple, really red or extreme white? Do you see color of skin-red, brown, yellow, black and white or blue, red, green and black, if tattooed? Do you size people up-smaller than you, larger than you? Do you grade makeup? Way too much, way too little, brows drawn on or a unibrow…eyeliner-with wings or without…shoes and clothes-brand names or not. If we could look past what’s on the outside, we might be surprised at what we find. Inside each of us is a treasure-just like my denture cup!

Though it has lasted for months, I’m almost out of lotion. I’m wondering if my denture cup is like a casserole dish or Tupperware. If I return it, is it possible to get a refill?

Dawn Reed
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