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Dawn Reed

By Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

I have no sense of direction. So, when I tell my beloved I am going out of town by myself, he is less than overjoyed. (It’s not my fault traffic signs don’t make sense!)

I was invited to be the tooth fairy at East Valley Elementary. Though I have a history of getting lost, I acted like I totally knew where that was and how to get there. Ms. Ferguson, at the school, told me it was on Rt. 172 and that I would turn right before the Paintsville Lake exit. Why, I knew EXACTLY where that was! I love going to the Paintsville Lake! No problem! She also asked if I would read to the students so I began to think more about that than how to get there. I wrote down the school info though, for good measure and Googled it a couple of days later. It was in West Liberty. I put the address in my phone and found it would take me 52 minutes to get there. I planned the time I would need to leave, allowing extra time for lost-ness, just in case.

On the morning of the visit to East Valley, it took much longer than usual to get dressed. I couldn’t get my zipper up. It was caught on tulle but I couldn’t see it because of my wings! I was afraid I had blown out the zipper and I didn’t have time for that! I had an appointment at Panache to get my wig on! It had been raining so I slid on my crocs, carrying my sparkly slippers.

Ashleigh attached my curly, silver wig with bobby pins, made sure everything was in place and checked my zipper before spraying me with glitter. Adding my pink cat-eye glasses, I was ready to go!

I got back to my car, mashed all of me and my tulle in the car and left right on time. I put the school address in my phone again and hit ‘Get Directions’. A lady’s voice with an English accent began telling me step by step how to get to my destination. I was so excited! Not just because I was dressed as the tooth fairy, but because I was going to do this all by myself! All by myself with GPS, I mean.

I twisted and turned at each instruction and took a big breath when I got to Rt. 172. The English lady said it would be 27 miles. I had no clue where I was going but was trusting this woman I did not know personally to lead me on my way. (I had plenty of time in case I ended up at the wrong place!) It was a curvy road so it would take me a bit.

The day was beautiful and it was a fun ride. I love living in the mountains, so this was right up my alley! (My wings pinched my arms a bit and had to be adjusted occasionally.) I watched the trail on my cell to make sure I was still on the correct path. I told myself, out loud, that I was still on the right road. I had NOT turned off so was not lost. I hoped I had put in the right school name!

The weather report had given a possibility of snow but the sun was warm through the windshield. Route 172 took me through wonderful communities and I smiled a lot, enjoying my trip. The English lady suddenly said, “Proceed on the Route” and I nearly drove off the road! Holy Smokes! She scared the willies out of me! After I caught my breath I couldn’t stop laughing!

That’s how following God can be, I thought. We obey His instructions, continuing on the path He leads us. He often takes us into new areas, new territories, even new ministries and we can be nervous if it’s an unknown course or out of our comfort zone. We stay on the path, not turning off or getting distracted, just staying the course. We can trust Him! He KNOWS the way because He IS the Way! (I read that on Pinterest.) And just when we are unsure of how we are doing, He lets us know! He will speak to us, probably not out loud with an English accent, but in some way, through His Word, circumstances, or some sign. Sometimes when He speaks to us, it can scare the willies out of us, too!

I arrived at East Valley an hour early! I did a little tooth fairy-mashed-in-a- car dance that I had made it! I sent my beloved a “Here! Woohoo!” text and a pic of the school-in case I couldn’t make it back out. (Just being realistic.)

Dawn Reed Reed
Family Life
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