Delegate’s letter to commission seeks to keep trash dumps open

Joshua Nelson

To the County Commission and Whom it May Concern,

As a representative of this county I have received numerous calls and emails about the anticipated closing of the trash disposals in this county. I share this concern as a citizen of Boone.

For years, the only solution to our county has been to rely on coal severance tax to sustain our county with absolutely no investment into creating other jobs and opportunities for business to be created from within as well as attracted to the county. This should have taken place well before the current crisis.

I am saddened that every time there is a mine layoff all that we hear is that coal severance is decreasing. My question is, what are you doing to create new jobs and opportunity?

I am willing to share ideas and sweat equity to help the commission create these opportunities if you wish. For instance, we should be building world-class mountain bike trails in the hills behind waterways using existing parking lot and facilities to take payment.

We could advertise ideas like this that can be created and would take very little money to attract people to this county and in turn create more tax revenue. But, that is not the purpose of this letter and is just one example.

I have tried on several occasions to bring business to our county (like major firearms manufacturers) and have them relocate to Boone. One of the largest objections to this is the lack of infrastructure for business.

Further, we already have a litter problem in this county. You can drive to any county in the state and they seem to have their roadways cleaner than ours. It is very difficult to market Boone County as the place to be for business when it is not clean.

The purpose of this letter is to implore you to find another solution other than simply shutting down our dumps.

We could downsize, have limited hours and locations, even charge a small fee to dump versus simply shutting them down. I propose that keeping our county clean is one of the most important things we can do to help our economy.

Trash services are not going to travel up some of our deep hollows and in turn this trash is going to end up in our rivers and by our roadsides.

Dig down deep, find legitimate solutions, and partner with people like Chase Hill and myself who are offering up solutions to these problems and working hard to turn our county around.

Please, work with us and not just simply put Boone County out of business for good.

Very Respectfully,

Delegate Joshua Nelson, WV HD 23

Joshua Nelson Nelson
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