2017 Tide baseball in full swing

By Heather Kinder - [email protected]

Sherman High School 2017 baseball team.

SETH – The Sherman Tide baseball team is in full swing for the 2017 baseball season.

Head Coach Jeremiah Pettry said, “We have won three consecutive sectional titles and this team wants to add to our past success.”

The teams practices have being going smoothly. However, they have not had a lot of time on the field due to the recent weather.

“Our fielding will be rough early in the season due to the lack of field experience,” said Pettry. “Our hitting will come around as well once we get to see some live pitching.”

“The team is loaded with sophomore and junior talent,” said Pettry. “We are young with little varsity experience among them. We only have three freshmen and two seniors.”

Bailey Kirk and Blaine Hensley are the two seniors on the team.

Pettry said, “Kirk is our most consistent hitter as well as our most experienced.”

According to Pettry, Cordell Parsons a junior for the Tide baseball team will man the outfield corners.

“Parsons is probably one of our top contact hitters and will be called upon to produce in tight situations,” said Pettry.

Other players to watch for this season are junior Hunter Breeden, sophomore Jacob Hensley, sophomore Layne Daniel and sophomore Jack Keyes.

Pettry said, “I think we will have a good season and open some eyes late in the season.”

“I am excited to start my eighth year as the coach at Sherman High and spreading the knowledge I have for the game to my players,” said Pettry.

Sherman High School Baseball Schedule…

03/16/17 5:30pm H – Van

03/17/17 6:00pm H – Lincoln County

03/18/17 12:00pm A – Wirt County

03/18/17 2:00pm A – Wirt County

03/20/17 5:30pm H – Scott

03/21/17 5:30pm A – Hannan

03/23/17 5:00pm A – Clay County

03/24/17 5:00pm H – Valley (Fayette)

03/27/17 5:30pm A – Liberty (Raleigh)

03/28/17 5:30pm H – Buffalo

03/30/17 5:30pm A – Man

03/31/17 5:00pm H – Saint Joseph Central

04/03/17 5:30pm A – Tolsia

04/04/17 5:30pm H – Hannan

04/07/17 5:00pm A – Valley (Fayette)

04/10/17 5:30pm A – Scott

04/11/17 5:30pm H – Man

04/18/17 5:30pm H – Tug Valley

04/20/17 4:00pm H – ACA

04/20/17 6:00pm H – ACA

04/24/17 6:00pm A – Buffalo

04/25/17 5:00pm H – Clay County

04/27/17 5:00pm A – Lincoln County

04/28/17 5:00pm A – Saint Joseph Central

05/01/17 5:30pm H – Liberty (Raleigh)

05/02/17 5:30pm H – Tolsia

05/04/17 5:30pm A – Van

05/05/17 5:00pm A – Riverside

Sherman High School 2017 baseball team.
http://coalvalleynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/web1_Tide-Baseball-2017-CMYK.jpgSherman High School 2017 baseball team.

By Heather Kinder

[email protected]

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