Non-­profit advocacy group for crossbow hunters

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During the 2015 legislative session, West Virginia legalized crossbow hunting. A long time coming, West Virginia is now on par with other Appalachian States.

The bill coincided with Elk restoration in the area, a bill which Delegate Joshua Nelson was a sponsor. Now he and fellow hunter John Holstein of Boone County, have formed a non­profit advocacy group for crossbow hunters.

Nelson, the organization’s president had this to say:

“Crossbow hunting is now an official pastime in West Virginia. This will be the first season that all West Virginians will be able to participate in the sport of crossbow archery without first obtaining doctor’s orders and a special license to do so. Not all citizens are disabled, yet, some simply cannot pull back a vertical bow that contains enough energy for a humane shot at the many types of game available in West Virginia. By passing this legislation, our hunters will have greater freedom to enjoy the wonderful outdoors as well as bring West Virginia to the forefront of hunting liberty within the Appalachian region. WVCHA will promote ethics, conservation, and general advocacy for the rights of crossbow hunters all across the Great State of West Virginia. We look forward to our very first crossbow hunting season in West Virginia. Happy Hunting!”

John Holstein, an avid outdoorsman and the organization’s executive director also said, “…far too long, we have stood by the wayside watching other States legalize crossbows. In my youth, I was fortunate enough to travel to Canada where it was told to me that within Canada, it was legal to use crossbows. Ever since that trip, I have longed for the opportunity to hunt with a crossbow in my native State. Being a bow enthusiast for the past 36 years, I am truly grateful to finally be able to use a crossbow for hunting, it’s long overdue.”

The organization also announced a partnership with Parker Bows as an Associate Sponsor of the WVCHA. Leaders of the Crossbow industry, Parker Bows have been in the business since 1985. Parker Bows incorporate seasoned industry veterans with great insight into the markets, a number of archery Patents, and dozens of first time developments and ideas that have been used by other manufacturers. We are extremely happy to have Parker Bows on board with us and look forward to a long lasting partnership.

The organization has also partnered with City Tire of Logan and Williamson as a sponsor of the WVCHA.

“The folks at City Tire are well known in the area for their vehicle maintenance and tire sales, and they’re fast becoming the leader in southern West Virginia for 4×4 lifts and accessories,” Nelson said.

Those interested in learning more about the organization should visit ​​ for more information.

Nelson said that the group intends to also hold charitable events; First, to raise money for the advocacy for veterans who struggle with PTSD and secondly, Hunters Helping the Hungry, sponsored by the WVDNR.

Nelson is currently a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard and Holstein is a Navy Veteran.

From staff report

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