Business owner fights back against attempted robbery

James Ray Cantley

COSTA — A Peytona man was put to the floor and had his hands zip tied by the owner of the Costa IGA and a couple of good samaritans after he alleged attemed to rob the local grocery store.

James Ray Cantley, 41, of Peyton’s went into the Costa IGA grocery store and went behind the counter to help himself to the cash in the cash register, according to Boone County Chief Deputy Chad Baker.

“I guess the owner took it kind of personal that he came in and tried to take money out of the cash register,” Barker said.

When the owner attempted to intervene and he was assaulted and hit in the head with a six pack of beer bottles, according to Barker’s report.

“However, after the initial attack, the owner was able to subdue the robber with the help from a couple of good samaritans,” Barker said.

The attempted robbery happened Thursday afternoon, June 4, and Cantley was charged with armed robbery and assault during the commission of a felony.

“He wasn’t doing much when we got there,” said Barker. “They had him in the floor held at gunpoint and had his hands held with zip ties behind his back.”

Barker said Cantley was still combative even after they arrived to take him into custody.

“He admitted that he had a methamphetamine problem and admitted he was high on methamphetamine at the time of the robbery,” Barker said.

According to Cantley, drugs were the motive for the robbery.

“We feel Mr. Cantley acted alone in this incident and is currently housed in the Southwestern Regional Jail awaiting arraignment,” Barker said.

“I know business owners take pride in protecting their possessions, but we would much rather they didn’t take things into their own hands,” said Boone County Sheriff Randall White. “It is just so dangerous for them to intervene and potentially put themselves into harms way. However, as in this case, we support the business owners 100 percent.”


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